Re: Intro: Wolf D.Schumacher

Kenneth A. Riccini (kriccini@Census.GOV)
Tue, 8 Nov 1994 13:24:13 -0500

I for one am interested in your model and would appreciate you posting it to
the list.
Bureau Of The Census

>I would like to introduce myself to the list-members:
>I am an organizational consultant running a small consultancy in Germany. I was
>introduced to the field several years ago working for Andersen Consulting
and as
>a freelancer for Arthur D.Little. During my career I spent a few years in the
>U.S. and in the far-east.
>Over the last two years I fell in love with the approaches to organizational
>learning by the likes of Beer and Senge. I even try to use the syntegration
>process in a team effort for one of my clients, where we try to turn the
>hierarchy (2000 employees, special machinery manufacturer) into lots of
>interlocking self directed work teams.
>There is another subject I am interested in: Next to my consulting work I am in
>the process of writing a dissertation on barriers to organizational change with
>a special emphasis on BPR-related change. I have developed a model with 18 high
>level elements. One of the the elements to overcome resistance to change is
>learning strategy. I would like to evaluate the model with a number of
>interested list members. If you wish, I could post the model to the list.
>Wolf D.Schumacher
>c/o Consultec Inc.
>Lenbachstrasse 50
>D-70192 Stuttgart - Germany
>Phone ..49-711-855882
>Fax ..49-711-855927