Intro: Wolf D.Schumacher

Wolf D. Schumacher (
08 Nov 94 00:22:16 EST

I would like to introduce myself to the list-members:

I am an organizational consultant running a small consultancy in Germany. I was
introduced to the field several years ago working for Andersen Consulting and as
a freelancer for Arthur D.Little. During my career I spent a few years in the
U.S. and in the far-east.

Over the last two years I fell in love with the approaches to organizational
learning by the likes of Beer and Senge. I even try to use the syntegration
process in a team effort for one of my clients, where we try to turn the
hierarchy (2000 employees, special machinery manufacturer) into lots of
interlocking self directed work teams.

There is another subject I am interested in: Next to my consulting work I am in
the process of writing a dissertation on barriers to organizational change with
a special emphasis on BPR-related change. I have developed a model with 18 high
level elements. One of the the elements to overcome resistance to change is
learning strategy. I would like to evaluate the model with a number of
interested list members. If you wish, I could post the model to the list.


Wolf D.Schumacher
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