I offer a wide variety of technical communication services including those listed below. If you need to communicate complex technical information in a simple, accurate, and useful way, I can help.


Do you need accurate and useful documentation for a new product or for new features? You name it, I can write it for you:

  • Software user guides
  • System administrator guides
  • Online help
  • API reference manuals
  • Hardware installation guides
  • Web content
  • Training materials


Does your documentation need some cleanup or a little "fluff and fold" to make it look professional? I can edit it for:

  • Grammar
  • Consistency
  • Style - Chicago Manual of Style, AP Style, or your own corporate style guide
  • Readiness for translation/localization

User Interface and Error Message Editing

Have you thought about how your prompts, menus, and error messages can enhance or detract from the user experience? What about tool-tips and hover help? A few small edits to make things clearer can have a big payoff in customer satisfaction. I'll evaluate anything the user sees and help you make it better.

Information Developement

Do you need to get information out of the developer's heads and into the hands of customers or tech support? I'll interview the developers and track down the information.

Documentation Project Assessment

Not sure what documentation you need? I can assess:

  • Audience
  • Tasks
  • Concepts
  • Resources and schedules

Format Conversion

Are you changing from one authoring tool to another? Do you have legacy files in older formats? I can convert:

  • From one online help authoring tool to another
  • From print-based organization and format to web-based
  • From one markup language to another

Other Services

  • White papers
  • Writing coaching for developers
  • English language coaching for developers for whom English is a second language

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