The Frame for the Future
  • Wheel base 40"
  • Seat height 25"
  • Crank height 21"
  • Front wheel 16"
  • Rear Wheel 26"
  • Weight 30 lb.

This machine has over two thousand Boston city miles on it (and a few on the coast : ) Designed by Doug and constructed by Bill Darby. Not yet available in stores.

Short term goals
  • Build 2 more prototypes
  • Capture 10% of the market of readers of Recumbent Cyclist News
  • If the T-Rex frame succeeds, pursue a patent
Long term goals
  • Target people at health clubs who already expressed a preference for the Comfort Cruiser riding position.
  • License patent to a large scale bicycle manufacturer, becoming the first entry into the national retail bicycle market (12 million units per year).
  • Continue research in making bicycles a viable choice in personal transpiration.


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