Index to Poems by T.S. Eliot

This website has online copies of a number of works by T.S. Eliot. These works are understood to be in the public domain in the U.S. but perhaps not in other countries (particularly in the U.K. and E.U.) Be careful about republication. Works published after 1922 are still under copyright protection and are not included.


Eliot's Harvard Advocate poems
Not all of Eliot's poems are in his Collected Poems or even in his Complete Poems and Plays. Ones written while he was attending Harvard University and printed in The Harvard Advocate are not.
"Song to the Opherian"
This was published in the first volume of The Tyro (Spring 1921). It does not appear in Collected Poems. Most of the lines from "Song to the Opherian" reappear (in revised form) in Eliot's later poem "The wind sprang up at four o'clock."
Eliot's poem, "Ode," was published in early 1920 in his second volume of poetry, Ara Vos Prec. Eliot never republished it.
Exploring The Waste Land
The Waste Land is perhaps Eliot's masterwork. This long poem is quite complex and difficult to understand. At another section of this website is a resource of over 1,000 webpages to help you explore the poem.
Four Quartets
The poems that comprise T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets ("Burnt Norton," "East Coker," "Dry Salvages," and "Little Gidding") have much in common. One way of reading them is to compare the corresponding parts of each. This webpage uses a framed presentation of the poems to help you compare them.
Poems published before 1923 are to be added.

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