Rickard Parker's "Exploring" series of websites

There are a few websites in the "Exploring" series:

Exploring The Waste Land
A very large website (over 1,000 files) that helps the reader explore T.S. Eliot's complex poem The Waste Land.

Exploring T.S. Eliot
A website undergoing development. While working on the Exploring The Waste Land website I collected materials about T.S. Eliot that didn't really belong on that site so I created this one.

Exploring On-line Books
This website contains old books, short stories, essays and such that I have copied and put on-line. Sometimes they are available elsewhere on the internet but I have converted them into a different format. There should also be links to where other on-line books can be found and how to use the internet to find copies of books (both in and out of print and new or used.)