T.S. Eliot's London Letters to The Dial


This webpage is an index to online copies of all eight of T.S. Eliot's "London Letter" features published in The Dial.

In 1921 and 1922 T.S. Eliot was the London correspondent to The Dial magazine published in New York by his Milton Academy and Harvard University schoolmate Scofield Thayer. The Dial published eight letters written by Eliot about the cultural scene in England. Although Eliot continued to have articles published in The Dial he no longer had time to keep up the London Letter series as he started editing his own publication, The Criterion, the first issue being printed in October, 1922.

The first "London Letter" essays (the ones that were published in 1921) are also available in print in the book The Annotated Waste Land with Eliot's Contemporary Prose edited by Lawrence Rainey (see below.) Rainey has added extensive notes on the people, books and events written about by Eliot. On page 202 Rainey also produces evidence that Eliot's first "London Letter" was actually written in January, 1921, not March, 1921.

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To read Eliot's "London Letter" essays use one of these methods:

Date of issue Topics Citation Date of letter Gallup #
April 1921 vol. LXX,
no. 4
(April, 1921)
pp. 448-453
March 1921 C123
June 1921 vol. LXX,
no. 6
(June, 1921)
pp. 686-691
May 1921 C124
August 1921 vol. LXXI,
no. 2
(August, 1921)
pp. 213-217
July 1921 C126
October 1921 vol. LXXI,
no. 4
(October, 1921)
pp. 452-455
September 1921 C127
May 1922 vol. LXXII,
no. 5
(May, 1922)
pp. 510-513
April 1922 C130
July 1922 vol. LXXIII,
no. 1
(July, 1922)
pp. 94-96
June 1922 C133
September 1922 The Novel: vol. LXXIII,
no. 3
(September, 1922)
pp. 329-331
August 1922 C134
December 1922 vol. LXXIII,
no. 6
(December, 1922)
pp. 659-663
November 1922 C136


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