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The 2014 Cold Fusion [LANR] Colloquium at MIT
Come help us celebrate the 25 anniversary of the announcement of cold fusion
        Cold fusion = LANR (Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions)

When/Where:   Fri., March 21,  Sat., Mar. 22, and Sun. Mar. 23, 2014
     Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

The 2014 Cold Fusion/LANR Colloquium at MIT marks  the 25 anniversary of the initial CF announcement.  This Colloquium is also one of a series of Scientific and Engineering Colloquia discussing Cold Fusion, its theory, physics, electrochemistry, material science, metallurgy,  and electrical  engineering.

These Colloquia have been hosted almost yearly by JET Energy Incorporated and the Energy Production and Energy Conversion Group at MIT, with additional support of our colleagues involved in the study of lattice assisted nuclear reactions.  

Our goal is to increase public cooperation and excellence of science and engineering among colleagues and improved public awareness of the development of this important field. 

The organizing theme in 2014 involves the actual scientific and engineering "road" from achieving the hydrided lattices in nickel and palladium and similar metals, to releasing the desired Excess Energy.


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