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Responding to LO12870 - a little late.
Patricia - how about
1. Profound Simplicity by Will Schutz (which happens to sit right next to
Senge's books on my bookshelves
2. The Journey to The East by Hermann Hesse
3. Two Argyris HBR articles -
Teaching Smart People How to Learn, HBR May/June 1991
Good Communications that Block Learning, HBR July/August 1994.
All recommended on the basis that they made me think. I am still working
hard on the very short Hesse book.

>I have a question for all of you. I am going to be developing some
>curriculum for a class called "The Learning Organization" for a Master's
>in Management program at the University of Phoenix. The Fifth Discipline
>and the Fifth Discipline Fieldbook seem obvious choices for textbooks,
>but I've never been one to take the first obvious answer!

Peter Jones - from Chesham, Bucks, UK

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