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24 Mar 1997 10:10:29 +1000

from E. Paul Foord
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Department of Health and Family Services
GPO Box 9848, Adelaide, South Australia, 5001
Tel +61 8 8237 8148 Fax: +61 8 8237 8130
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I have been quietly reading the LO digests for about a month and thought I
would it was time to introduce myself.

##Experience with the learning organisation concepts
- currently re-reading Senge, _The Fifth Discipline_.
- the language of LO is popular in the organisation in which I work, but
the main thrust at present is on macro restructuring of Federal-State
responsibilities with increasing Commonwealth government distance from
service delivery.
- Evaluation is a popular theme. I am involved in the evaluation of
program support activities to children's services funded through community
based organisations and of innovative child care services.
- I also subscribe to ARLIST-L, EVALTALK & GOVTEVAL.

##Questions you have, what you are curious about.

I have enrolled in a MSocAdmin at Flinders University (but have
intermitted till July 97). One focus of this is on the value and
usefulness of externally required evaluation to an organisation with a
particular focus on practitioners.

Any comments or advice welcome.



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