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You face an interesting situation. From what you say it seems to me as if
the group of senior executives (I use group deliberately) have not become
a team, an therefore a team bonus may be an issue.

I have taken this view from your comment that there is little discussion
at the team meeting.

For a team bonus to work, in my opinion, all members have to feel a sense
of responsibility for the work and output of everyone else. If they do not
then they are unlikely to feel any need to help each other and so no team

I am facing a similar situation, albeit without an explicit bonus
attached. I am working with the top team to help them get a sense of
collective responsibility for the company's performance. The Managing
Director wants everyone in the top team to identify with the collective
goals, as much as he want s them to be responsible for their own
objectives. This will cause a major change in behaviour. It requires all
to interested in, supportive of, and helpful to everyone else. We have
some way to go. We are starting by organising a workshop where these
issues will be discussed and actions for taking wider collective
responsibility agreed.

You mention that your client bas team working competencies. Do you have
evidence that they are using them? If not this is an area to encourage. If
they a re not using them then this is probably your starting point.

Best wishes

Ian Saunders
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