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Roxanne S. Abbas (75263.3305@CompuServe.COM)
22 Mar 97 10:26:45 EST

Greetings to all,

I have been doing more listening/lurking than contributing lately, but
now, in time of need, I'm back to ask for your help. I'm working with a
large electric cooperative that is looking for ways to improve the
cooperative behaviors among their Leadership Team. They have asked me to
help them develop an executive bonus plan that would pay each member of
the team the same amount based on the total performance of the group on
strategic goals. They have not had a bonus plan in the past. They have
developed organizational competencies and use these as one criteria in
determining pay increases for all employees, including the top executives.
So they have defined the teamwork and leadership behaviors that they are
striving for.

My question is whether there may be other structural, systemic or cultural
obstacles that we should be looking for. For example, each strategic goal
is assigned to one of the executives who is responsible for leading the
effort and reporting back to the group. Then at the monthly Leadership
Team meeting, each reports on progress on the goal. There is very little
discussion in the meetings. Is the structure of their meeting one of the

Most of the reading that I've done identifies the individualistic and
competitive personality traits of executives as the primary reason that
leadership teams fail to gel. But I suspect that there are some deeper
systemic causes as well. What have you seen as the obstacles? And have
you seen creative approaches that have helped leaders overcome the

Best regards,

Roxanne Abbas
Abbas Compensation Strategies


Roxanne Abbas 75263.3305.compuserve.com

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