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Replying to LO12961 --

I want to thank the people who have written in in response to my question
about autopoiesis. I have checked out one of the web sites and do plan on
reading Web of Life. I must admit that I wasn't a part of the thread that
occurred earlier.

I do want to say however that none of what I have read so far is shocking
or new to me. I have operated under this set of understandings for a long
time. Now their explanations are a lot more complex than mine and they
have the added credibility of being scientists... But none of this is new
to me! I just get to be labeled as a whacko because I am not a

It is however difficult to bring this kind of a question into the realm of
the LO simply because no one knows what assumptions we are operating
under. For example, if we accept the belief that what we believe is what
we create, then vision takes a central role in success. What happens if
everyone in the company believes the company is doomed? What happens if
everyone has a different view of the future? And what happens if everyone
is aligned from a values, future picture, and business methods and results
standpoint? Will it make a difference in the performance of the company?
Maybe -- maybe not because it is not that simple. You have customer
beliefs about the company, stockmarket, the press, the general public...
The list goes on and on -- I mean what about the families of those working
in the company -- what impact does their perception have?

No one holds the whole picture thoroughly. Sometimes it is overwhelming
to me when I sit and try to sense the whole picture -- all of the webs.

I actually believe that the first step we have as adventurers on this
journey is to be more open in our thinking about possibilities. All these
people are saying is that the world is not flat...

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