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Expansionism sounds more like a combination of Existentialism and
Ontology. Ontological view has it as "one existence or beingness in
infinite manifestation." With the introduction of these types of
philosophies in the late 1800 hundreds and early 1900 hundreds we (as
society) were able to begin to think along the lines represented by many
of the threads on this list. These concepts have been slowly building a
foundation in most English speaking countries and western Europe.

Germany and France gave rise to important philosophical outlooks during
this period that migrated to North America. American philosophers were
just as busy coming to similar conclusions, but they were often looked at
in a more "spiritual context." As we become more scientifically acute, in
our understanding of how the "world works on a physical level,"
philosophy has moved in a direction of explanation of the mind or the
"non-physical" realms of life. Hence the rise in psychology, and other
studies directed more at our mental abilities and states.

A good example of the change in thinking is "time management." Time
management, as little as 20 years ago, was set directly on the equation of
the person and their physical interaction with the task. The major
questions were how can this task be done quicker, how do we change the
physical setting to reduce needed time. Questions centered on the physical
environment: "Is the water cooler in the right place?" "Should we
eliminate the coffee room?" And manufacturing questions centered directly
on the position of the machinery, speed of the worker etc.

Time management today is centered on "best working time". Is the employee
doing the most difficult task at their best "mental time of the day?"
When I first introduced "Time Altering" 25 years ago, most management
reacted with laughter. Now this is an expected approach. Time Altering,
in my practice, may be looking for mental stress factors in the work
environment and removing them via Stress Management Education, helping the
person identify their best working time, helping them learn about the
energy produce with attention and concentration. Helping them overcome
the shadows reflected in their work style. None of this would have been
possible without the introduction to the new "mental philosophies."
(Please note: That most philosophies have dealt with humankind and the
interaction, reaction to the environment: Mental philosophies deal more
directly with humankind interaction-reaction with mental processes.)

Suzanne Deakins, Ph.D.

>Expansionism is the philosophy that only One Absolute Being exists in
>Reality and that every being and thing is infinitely precious by virtue of
>its being One with the Infinite Being. (:->)
>Roger Bird, A.S., B.A., B.A.


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