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Replying to LO12950 --

Teaching "Learning Organization" principles to MBA students is very
important since these MBA's will be in a good position in implement LO
concepts. I also think that Stephan's view of MBA students might not be
completely accurate. As a person who will be starting in MBA program in
the Fall, I think I can provide some prospective on your questions and

>They main reason someone enrolls for a MBA-program still is the old
>hierarchical thinking: These 3 letters should be the next steps towards
>the CEO.

I'm not sure what you mean by "hierarchical thinking". I've never worked
for a large corporation  only emerging growth companies.

However, I think there are a multitude of reasons why a person would
enroll for an MBA. Increased responsibility, job security/mobility,
networking, etc. Advanced degrees are required in many fields.

>And there you cannot need buddies.

I believe one of the most important part of business and a MBA education
is networking. Having buddies is more important than ever.

>Concerning MBA: MBAs still seem to be very competitive. Do you think that
>this is helpful for LOs? How about cooperation? I do not mean that
>competition is bad. But sometimes less competition could be more.

The schools I've talked to stress cooperation between students. I don't
know how much this is lip service, but some schools have instituted a
non-disclosure agreement about grades. Students are not allowed to tell
anyone about their grades. This applies to fellow students, potential
employers, etc.
The non-disclosure agreement eliminates competition for grades.

>Who enrolls for a MBA just to be(come) a lifelong learner?

Since the opportunity costs of pursing a full-time MBA can well exceed
$150,000 I don't think many people enroll for an MBA strictly for ROI.

I've started and sold a small Internet consulting company, so I have
strong interest in entrepreneurship. Since my background is in
engineering, I'm going back to school to learn about raising capital,
running high-growth companies, venture financing, etc.


Andy Heifetz
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