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Francisco J. Leal-Ibanez wrote:

[...] I have chosen the topic " Learning Organizations in Teaching
>organizations", I have to focus on how the The actual Higher Education
>(The MBA in particular) " Teach" "Learning organizations" .

Fran, my point of view is, that unless Higher Ed engages in whatever kind
of LO, they won't be able to spread the idea. By engaging I mean 'do it

For me teaching about LOs and still having the old administration is the
same as managers who do not 'walk the talk'. A best case scenario for me
is a type of Higher Ed where nothing on LO has to be taught because it
already is a learning environment, and the only thing students have to do
is to copy the behavior of their 'teachers', 'coaches', ... Whatever
students see, it is a kind of mental model that they get 'implanted'. Why
not 'implant' a new one?

Concerning MBA: MBAs still seem to be very competitive. Do you think that
this is helpful for LOs? How about cooperation? I do not mean that
competition is bad. But sometimes less competition could be more. (see
Peter Vaill: Learning as a way of being, 1996) They main reason someone
enrolls for a MBA-program still is the old hierarchical thinking: These 3
letters should be the next steps towards the CEO. And there you cannot
need buddies. Who enrolls for a MBA just to be(come) a lifelong learner?



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