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I have been on this listserv for well over a year. This is my first
response. Just too busy! Decided to "contribute" today.

I am Vice President of Education and Networking for a 7 billion dollar a
year national health care alliance (over 1400 heath care organizations).
Was CEO of a hospital and health care organization for nearly 15 years
in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

I obviously agree that "everyday adds new factors and priorities to our
lives". For this reason, I believe that it is every bit as important to
have a well thought out and written personal values statement as to have a
personal mission. I have written my personal values and memorized them.
I quote them often to myself and to family and friends. They are as

The steps I take to achieve my mission are guided by my values. I believe
in and commit to:

SERVICE My life, my destiny, my reason for existence is to serve. I will
strive for excellence in anticipating and responding to the needs of those
I serve. I will earn opportunities for leadership by serving well.

DIGNITY I will recognize and affirm each and every person as a unique
individual worth of respect and compassion.

INTEGRITY I will build each relationship on honesty and trust, delivering
on my promises and treating everyone with fairness.

WISDOM I will share ideas and insight and seek knowledge to act
creatively, productively and responsively.

HAPPINESS I will seek out and embrace those thoughts, attitudes, habits,
people and environments that maximize potential for meaningful and lasting
peace, fulfillment and joy.

LOVE I will love family, friends and all God's children. For "though I
...have not love...I am profiteth me nothing"

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It is important to have a personal mission, but I would like to suggest
that, since everyday adds new factors and priorities to our lives, that
you consider regularly reviewing your personal mission. Harold's 5 year
journey on parring down his Mission from 4 pages to 2 macro level
sentences came about from regularly reviewing those items that were
important to him. It was this regular commitment to refinement that
allowed him to focus on those things within the context of the variables
in his life that eventually led him to his final conclusion.


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