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Bill Harris (
Mon, 10 Mar 97 8:12:00 PST

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Bill Godfrey wrote:

>It is worth stressing that Systems Thinking lies at the very heart of
>Peter Senge's seminal The Fifth Discipline, yet it is the other four
>disciplines (personal mastery, mental models, team learning, shared
>vision) that get most of the 'air space' in the explosion of interest in
>'the learning organisation' that has followed that book.

Seems largely true.

>Making progress with systems thinking requires at least two steps. The
>first is to become aware of the differences between thinking systemically
>and the Newtonian/Cartesian thinking on which we have all been brought up.

Didn't Newton (in parallel with Leibnitz) come up with calculus, upon
which differential equations and eventually SD was built? Maybe there
isn't such a big dichotomy.


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