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Sat, 8 Mar 1997 11:59:20 -0500 (EST)

[Host's Note: Lon is poking fun at a few of our pet peeves and
peculiarities here on the LO list. Additions to Lon's prescription, in the
same spirit, are welcome! ... Rick]

To: Interested LO Contributors

It has come to my attention that some people who read these postings find
that not all contributors or contributions are equal. In fact, many of
you are reporting that you read selectively, ignore some thoughts and
comments, flip-flop back and forth between dialogue and discussion,
respond to some postings and not to others, and generally exercise free
will and good taste.

In an effort to homogenize the contributions of unlike minds and prevent
candid comments, unusual advice, stray thoughts, new ideas, and generally
unsupported hypotheses, I propose the following:

1. Every LO comment should be written by committee. This will prevent
unique individual contributions and should reduce the amount of email.
These committee comments must then be cleared by the inner circle prior to

2. To prevent opinions and unsolicited heresay, every LO comment must
include a direct quote from a previously accepted LO authority. In this
way we can maintain the purity of thought required for learning to take

3. No person shall make spontaneous outbursts based on a flash of insight
they received while reading this list. Under no circumstances should they
tell members of this list what ideas popped into their heads just because
they read something that somebody else thought. (this includes private
email transmissions)

4. Scott Simmerman shall be restricted from any humorous contributions,
original artwork, or irony. At de Lange shall be required to include
summaries of his contributions. These summaries may not exceed 15 words
nor use unusual metaphors or African stories.

5. Consultants may not offer opinions, share insights, or pontificate
about anything.

6. Personal attacks are the norm in electronic mail and so every hidden
comment that offends our sense of security should be endlessly brooded
about. However, under no circumstances should an LO contributor state
clearly in a private communication to the offensive party the basis of
such perceived offenses nor suggest any positive steps which may be taken
to alleviate the situation.


Lon Badgett "Life is getting from here to there. Lighten up and enjoy the voyage" Emil Gobersneke

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