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Sat, 8 Mar 97 20:33:55 UT

Hello, all. I have just joined the list and thought if it was approporiate
I would introduce myself.

My name is Tom Petzinger and I've spent 19 years as a Wall Street Journal
reporter all around the U.S. For most of that time I covered traditional
large organizations on a discreet industry-by-industry basis. For the past
two years, however, I have written a column called "The Front Lines,"
which appears every Friday on the Marketplace page. The column takes me
each week to a different place in the business world of my own choosing. I
no longer have to write solely about large companies, top management, or
single, discreet industries. And with so much freedom to roam, I am
finding extraordinary new displays of organizational genius.

My reporting had led me fairly deeply not only into the concept of the
learning organization but into a variety of naturalist metaphors and into
complexity theory--all of which, to be honest, I consider part and parcel
of the same thing.

So thank you in advance for your thoughts. I hope I can make my own tiny
contributions from time to time.

Tom Petzinger

Thomas Petzinger Jr.
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"The Front Lines"--Every Friday in The Wall Street Journal

"The arms of consciousness reach out and grope, and the longer they are, the
better. Tentacles, not wings, are Apollo's natural members." --Vladimir


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