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Dear Diana,

you asked for information on how to enter the field of org. learning.

Sometimes it is impossible to get what you want, if you directly go for
it. This is one of the lessons of system thinking.

For inputs for organisational development, the interface between company
and customer is a good place to be. Why not start with sales?

My own development went this way: After finishing my studies in pyhsics, I
knew that I was concerned about how other (i.e. social) systems work. So I
jumped from University to business world, looked for a suitable branch
(automotive parts in my case) and started in the sales department. I
became more and more interested in marketing (not make people buy things
they don't need but to meet reals needs) and meanwhile I am manager of
marketing and the main thing I do is strategic planning and according to
"structure follows strategy", organisational development is one part of my
work - together with others in a managing team.

I hope this example helps you with your own creative "what should I do"
process. Let me know your progress,

Winfried Dressler


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