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Diana Mordock (104022.36@CompuServe.COM)
07 Mar 97 00:35:03 EST

Dear generous org learners:

I wanted to write this open letter to thank everyone who responded to my
plea for information on how someone without credentials enters the field
of organizational development/learning org. consulting.

I received such sweet support and some very generous requests for resumes
which I am following up. To date, I have hired a career consultant to
help me in my search and wanted to share her thoughts of today.

She felt that the field is relatively new and small and that few
companies, even large ones, have grasped these concepts yet. She felt
that though some might be using the trainings in bits and pieces, few were
willing to put the money into this area and that the best bet for me where
very large companies. The only alternative, which I have seen on this
list, are small consulting firms or the big six which were mostly involved
with technological change within a system.

I am now going to make lots of calls to see how many local corporations
have people or time dedicated to org. development and find out if there
are enough spaces in this very competitive field and location (San
Francisco Bay Area) to warrant a return to school.

Does anyone have any data as to the growth trends in this field? We all
know it is needed and are devoted to the cause but how many companies are
turning to this balanced approach to management and organization? I would
appreciate any feedback on national or international trends. Do most who
graduate with degrees end up in small consulting firms? Do we think
companies will see the light and embrace these concepts in the future?
What might make them become more receptive.

With gratitude and wishes for a better world,

Diana Mordock


Diana Mordock <104022.36@CompuServe.COM>

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