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Richard Armitage (
Sat, 8 Mar 1997 13:22:50 -0000

To all Economics/Business Educators

Later this year, a new Guidebook to Business Education on the Internet
will be published by an International publishing house.

Its aims are;

a. To provide an enriched guide to essential learning areas on the
Internet, to teachers of business and management in higher education,
whatever their specialist subject area, geographical location, or
bandwidth access to the Internet.

b. To provide detailed case studies and in depth analysis of existing
models in varied locations and specialities, in order for teachers to make
the most of the Internet's teaching and learning potential.

c. To lead the discussion into what the future has to offer teachers in
Higher Education, based upon changes in the business arena, improvements
in communication technologies and access to information via the Internet.

To help fulfil these aims, we are seeking contributions from educators
around the World, already integrating Internet applications into their
business/economics teaching.

Fees, to help cover costs, are available for longer contributions.

Interested parties please respond to;

Richard Armitage

for more information.

A full outline of the book and a dummy section can be made available to
serious Enquirer's.

many thanks

apologies for cross posting.


Richard Armitage <>

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