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I have posted this to the list as others in London (UK) may be interested.

There is a group of people from all over the UK that meets in London
called Learning Individuals in Learning Organisations. (LiLo)

I generally meets once a month at Thomas Miller's in the city. Our next
meeting is on April 8 between 5-8pm.

The group has been going about 18 months and is currently planning how to
go forwards. (I am a member of a 9 person development group)

THere are sub-groups within the overall who also meet acting an varying
ways to help each other.

If this enough to get a 'yes, can I come' please let me know. If you need
more info please let me know. There are other members of LiLo who
contribute to this list. They might be able to add other thoughts....

Ian Saunders
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