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In response to Sherri's lovely message LO12465

Sherri and others,

I was touched by your message. It added to the many commnets that flowed
following your Disappointment - No soul thread.

A few unordered thoughts.

The critical mass is growing. THis list is an example. Technology is
making a huge difference. The few individuals could not easily talk a year
ago. Now we dialogue all the time and it is wonderfully encouraging
because it sustains and encourages us all.

Organisations are picking up some of the 'real' ideas rather than the
latest fads. THere is much to do and we are making progress.

I remain hopeful. To do otherwise is to admit defeat and I will not do
that. Although I do acknowledge bad days!!!

Being myself ( at least as I would like to be) is difficult. Being in our
business when I shout at the Kids I process what I have done and feel
guilty and I am a normal dad with all the joys and concerns that brings.
I need continual support and encouragement. Asking for it helps.

Best wishes to everone. THis list gives me hope that we are making a

[Host's Note: Just a small point... I agree with the main thrust of Ian's
comments, but as of a year ago, the LO list and many other net sites were
going pretty strong. How long would you have to go back to a point where a
large scale dialogue on LO wouldn't have been possible? We started here in
June of 94, and I don't think it could have begun any earlier. ...Rick]

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