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Replying to LO12149 and LO12166--

>I am looking for relevant literature on intranets, groupware and IT
>in general that could be useful for Learning Organizations.

@BRINT ( web site profiles hundreds of
articles, papers, reports, and case studies relevant to the issues that
you have mentioned.

The mission of @BRINT web initiative is to provide coverage of issues at
the intersections of organizational learning and organizational change
processes and the contemporary information technologies including
groupware, intranets, internet, and web.

The Computerworld 1997 forecast featured this site as the 'Best Site' that
is "Especially Relevant to the Multifaceted Needs and Concerns of IS
Professionals... An Effective Tool for 1997."

The 1997 Forecast is accessible at:

Fortune had earlier given "Thumbs up for this serious surfer's tool" in
its column

Fortune column is accessible at:

An overview of the contents of the site is available at:

Detailed section descriptions with keywords are accessible in the site map
at: .

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