Disappointment -- No soul? LO12182

traci.l.hoard (traci.l.hoard@ArthurAndersen.com)
24 Jan 97 19:41:02

Replying to LO12127 --

>I don't have an answer, I just have the question. Personally I look
>at the text, not the author, and definitely not the sex. If I find a
>strong response, I post a response.

I would like to think this is how I operate as well, but a disturbing
experience I recently had on the list makes me think I don't.

I had been following the postings of one individual for a few weeks, when
he mentioned his wife. I had thought all along, because of his first
name, that he was female. My mind did a somersault. I had a huge
conflict between my established perception and my perception based on the
new information.

If someone had tried to tell me in advance of this experience that this
would be my reaction, I would have been righteously indignant. I would
have absolutely denied the possibility that I would so strongly judge
someone else based on sex. Yikes! Weird! Boy, did I feel guilty.

But, then again, I enjoy our differences. If pressed I probably wouldn't
have been able to hold on to the idea that the objective is to treat
everyone the same. Not to say that one group would be treated more or
less fairly than another, just that there would be differences and that
might not be a bad thing.

Hope you're all having a wonderful day, men and women alike!




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