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Walter G. Prevalnig (104337.2101@CompuServe.COM)
24 Jan 97 11:04:27 EST

Replying to LO12038 --

Rol says "One can pose it two ways. How do people operate in the list to
become strong attractors? How & what do they communicate? What topics do
they select? What is their tone? What should a person do to move into the
inner circle?"

Great questions. They lead my thinking to this. What is the operational
definition of "inner circle"? I see many circles operating here. Which
one(s) is/are "inner"?

We observe selectively. We each have different needs. We each value
differently and uniquely. My concept of what constitutes "inner" will
likely not be identical to anyone else on the list.

Is a "strong attractor" someone who posts frequently, who has the longest
post, the most profound, infrequent or succinct ?

If we are learning, could it be that we all form part of the inner circle
of our choice?

FWIW, and best regards, Walt.

Walter G. Prevalnig
PREVALNIG & ASSOCIATES "Building Learning Organizations"


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