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Ben wrote:

>I'm feeling kind of stupid because I don't see an inner circle. Who,
>specifically, is part of this circle? I see people who post frequently
>(such as myself), but I can't believe that the frequency of a persons
>posts determines whether their part of an inner circle.

Ben, I wonder if it's the same dynamic you referred to in your other post
where you have 105 people in the department with five people carrying the
load. It just struck me as there was a relationship. I have had a
tendancy to do the lion's share of the work (at work) and I've had to
learn to step back and let others move forward. Some groups never take
the initiative. They like the status quo and work to maintain it (even
though things usually change anyway--Lennon: Life is what happens when
you don't make plans). Others just really jump into work when people like
me aren't doing it all for them. The trick I've learned is to figure out
who will take initiative and allow them to do that.

Maybe the same is true on this list. Sometimes, it seems that there are
only a few people carrying a thread. The discussion is intense and it is
difficult to jump in. There are times when I simply enjoy reading the
comments of frequent contributors and feel no desire to contribute. Other
times Ido not have the time to reflect on what is said in order to make (in
my opinion) a valuable contribution. Typically, the more intellectual
discussions are difficult for me to participate in. Having said that, it is
my choice to engage in a discussion or not, and do not feel limited by an
"inner circle." The comments (both on the list and in private) that I have
received from other orglearners has encouraged me to be a more frequent
contributor. Perhaps we all need to be aware of the power that feedback has
and support each other's contributions to this list? That may enlarge the
circle of contributors. Although I must say, Sherri really got something
started with her "Disappointment, No Soul." Thanks Sherri

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