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At 3:18 AM -0500 1/16/97, wrote:
>Rick wrote at the end of At's very interesting message:
>>> [Host's Note: At, I'll plead guilty! Yes, I agree with your comments
>>> about the "inner circle." So, now that we have seen it, and named it...
>>> Now what? ...Rick]
>I'm feeling kind of stupid because I don't see an inner circle. Who,
>specifically, is part of this circle? I see people who post frequently
>(such as myself), but I can't believe that the frequency of a persons
>posts determines whether their part of an inner circle.

I don't see this inner circle either. This could be because I also just
don't tend to see things like that. I have "sub'd" for Rick as host a
couple of times, but I don't contribute frequently. I learn from and think
about what other people say, but I don't always have the inclination to

As I was thinking about this, I realized that every time I've been on the
"outside", it's taken me years to recognize it. I just assume I am (and
everyone involved are) on the inside, until proven otherwise :-)


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