Disappointment -- No soul? LO11945

Mnr AM de Lange (AMDELANGE@gold.up.ac.za)
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 16:38:57 GMT+2

Rich Jones wrote in LO11837

> The soul, in an individual or in an organization, does not need to be
> created. It is there always, throbbing like some huge machine behind the
> barriers of fear and ego and judgement that we erect every day. Perhaps
> this list is one of the places where we might uncover it individually, and
> then collectively. Man, what would that be like?!

A very wise observation and question. Thank you very much.

We are already doing it on this list. The reason why we do not realise it,
is because we do not realise that 'uncovering' has to be done creatively.
We underestimate our creativity too much.

Best wishes


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