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K SANDROCK (KSAND@hertz.mech.wits.ac.za)
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 06:47:53 GMT+2

Replying to LO11767 --

In the responses to Sherri's post there has been explicit mention of the
vulnerability of those who open their hearts, and remove barriers.

Well perhaps we are missing a very fundamental fact, namely that nobody
can make you feel inferior, mad, hurt, upset - or whatever, WITHOUT YOUR

I get mad with people sometimes but it is the option I choose. Letting
off steam is great once in a while. I am hurt sometimes too - again it is
my choice if I wish to feel sorry for myself in the hope it helps.

But there is an even more profound fact. Paul pointed out that God would
never allow us to be exposed to a situation too overpowering for us to
bear. An so, when things get really tough we can call on a higher power
to give us the strength to choose the right option. I don't think that
opening up makes one vulnerable - unless you want it that way.

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