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Rol Fessenden (76234.3636@CompuServe.COM)
15 Jan 97 08:33:09 EST

Replying to LO11926 --

Keith said on this issue

Well perhaps we are missing a very fundamental fact, namely that nobody
can make you feel inferior, mad, hurt, upset - or whatever, WITHOUT YOUR

== end quote ==

This is very important. Anger, shouting down others, flaming, and so
forth are never easy to bear, but the use of these methods of manipulation
says much more about the person who uses them on you than it says about
the quality of your ideas.

Also, remember, the purpose of these techniques is to manipulate you. If
you shut up, that person 'wins'. You can preserve your own dignity, show
that person that these methods do not work on you, and -- by the way --
begin to have a good time by continuing to respond responsively and
maturely to any message.

Here is a paradox. Have courage, and you will have courage.


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