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Peter H. Jones (Pphj@actrix.gen.nz)
Wed, 08 Jan 97 22:01:34 -0800

Replying to LO11682 --

Kent Myers re-Critical Success Factors.

Kent Myers (LO11682) said"... he is not a sytems thinker and we will have
a hard time communicating."

This struck a cord with me. A person I became involved with recently was
adamant that before we began a project we were jointly involved with, that
we identify the critical success factors, before the event. He seemed to
believe that we could pre-determine the things that we needed to do and
success would automatically follow. I was not convinced, and did have a
great deal of difficulty in communicating with this individual.

So although Kent's comments may seem to be a huge generalization, I
appreciate his point of view. As it turned out, our failure to
communicate was the most critical factor of all. It was a painful lesson.

Happy New Year everyone!


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