Technology and Values LO11605

Mon, 30 Dec 96 10:51:02 EST

Replying to LO11578 --

Replying to Jeff and Bill's pondering on technology and values, which
comes first, which develops faster.

It reminds me of the big picture approach to this ponderance in
'Celestine Prophecy' where humanity as a whole has been focused on the
external world (technology) for so long, because we had to learn, to
advance, to become capable for our next stage of evolution. It's
why there seems to be an emergence of spirituality and inner searching
in our culture today.

Technology has developed so quickly, our values were lost. Had a very
interesting conversation yesterday with a friend of mine. She said
that many of her single women friends were disillusioned with the men
of their own age (late twenties) because the men didn't have any
values. Many were successful in business, had money, but were
lacking values.

I think the recent few decades has seen such an increase in our
technology, our values have been put aside. I also believe, and see
evidence that people are looking for their own values again.

We've expanded in the external world sufficiently that humanity can
start delving internally. Into ourselves. Into becoming the best we
can be.

Gary Scherling
Helping people help themselves


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