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Replying to LO11533 --

>We certainly don't want a Borg-type society to emerge. So what do we want
>to create? How can we create a society that uses technology for noble
>purposes instead of as a source of mass destruction or terrorism?
>For me, my work now has much more meaning. It's not just about business
>(if it ever really was). It's about helping to form a future for myself
>and my children, in which peace and happiness can exist while technology
>continues to make more and more things possible.
>I'm open to feedback on these ideas and beliefs. Sorry the message was so
>long, but my feelings run deep and are quite poignant at this time.

Hi Ben!

Now you certainly have "tickeled my toes" with this one!
Thank you very much for your honest way of sharing your inner live.
Sometimes that's a risky buissiness!
With a little shame I dare to ask you this:
"How deep does this experience and similar experiences go? How long do they
last for you?
Are they gone and forgotten by the end of next week and are you on to
something new and more exciting then the last experience?
These questions might sound insulting, ironicly or even sarcastic to you,
but they are not meant as such!
The question that bothers _me_ on and on is: How can I prevent myself from
forgetting what I 've learned? And as a next consequence: How can I help my
clients not to forget what they have learned?
So often I discover that I forget my own'live-lessons'. So who am I to
tell my clients............
What do you think is necessary to be done to prevent that people in
organisations forget what they've learned?

Bon No=EBl from Holland!


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