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Diana Mordock (hi Diana!) wrote:

" One more gripe-about twenty years ago, I purchased a portable typewriter
instead of an electric. Even though I felt very uncool, I reasoned that
if the electricity were to go out, I could still write my poetry. My
point: What if the electricity went out and all of a sudden we had to
depend on our local communities for information and our own brains for
creativity. Would we still have the ability to depend on ourselves after
years of technological tutoring and dependence? "

I think not - in many cases... A few years ago I stood ready to have my
groceries scanned at the checkout counter when a thunderstorm took out the
store's power. After a few moments of the manager trying to get the
registers to work, then a few moments at a complete loss of what to do,
she finally ran and got pads of paper and pencils and told the checkout
clerks to check us out the "old-fashioned way." Good idea until everyone
looked for prices and only found bar codes. After being frustrated at
first watching my ice cream melt, I now was finding the scene incredibly
interesting and enlightening. The manager then decided to assign people
the task of running back to the aisles to look up prices!!!! Thankfully,
someone got a generator on.....

I enjoy the comments about work and family that Ian Saunders
started...which is why I haven't posted my Intro yet. I've have lurked
for weeks, finally figured out what BTW and IMHO mean (thanks, T. Smith),
but find that I barely have time to read the posts let alone contribute!!
I think that is one reason why there are so many lurkers out there. How do
you all do it?

Happy New Year!!

Claire McCarty Kilian, Ph.D.



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