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Good points, all, but some people do find the programming and fine-tuning
of such rules problematic. Hence conferencing-based solutions like
FirstClass and Notes, which rely on the creation of topic conferences to
create more of a "user pull" system of knowledge sharing. The downside
there is that the conferences can present a bewildering array of choices
at first, and important messages can go unread if people don't check

Hypertext lists like LO work well within a single forum, but managing
multiple forums quickly gets to be a bit much. Bottom line? So far,
there's no free lunch. I'm very interested in seeing what Netscape
Collabra (part of the new version 4.0) implements, though.

ASIDE: Sun Microsystems is another company that leverages e-mail to the
max. See "The Network is the Company" in the April/May 1996 issue of Fast
Company for more info.

I should also note that a discussion of this very issue is going on in
another excellent on-line forum called

<a href=>Electric Minds</a>.

Ben, you may wish to sign on and visit the "Fundamentals" conference
conversations on the topic of "Knowledge Sharing." There's some really
great material posted there, and I'm sue that you and others from the LO-L
could add to it.

The whole thing runs on a new web-based conferencing system called WELL
Engaged, so Ben can justify it all to his boss as checking out the
competition. :-)

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