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> Good points, all, but some people do find the programming and fine-tuning
> of such rules problematic.

Yes. It seems that new capability could be added for having the computer
help determine the rule. "OK, I want to catch every letter from Jim and
give it first priority." Then the computer (program) could give usable
examples of rules that catch an example note. The user still needs to say
"Yes, rule 4 makes sense". There could be even more interaction before the
example rules appear on screen. For my own self, I'm not confident to use
a pre-defined filter because I get letters from people using different
email systems that don't indicate they're directly for me until I read

> Hypertext lists like LO work well within a single forum, but managing
> multiple forums quickly gets to be a bit much. Bottom line? So far,
> there's no free lunch. I'm very interested in seeing what Netscape
> Collabra (part of the new version 4.0) implements, though.

The preview version of Netscape Communicator (including the whiteboard
collaboration option) is now available from the Netscape site -- The announcement says that it became available
12/27. There's probably no cost from Netscape to use the preview version
until the full publication (when preview versions will probably be limited
in terms of date). I have not gotten a copy of the program (though I think
that I would if I had the necessary drive space). Only Windows 95 and
Windows NT versions available at present. Among the newsgroups, there is
one that has the words "windows" and "browsers" in the group name
(remembering), and comments should be available in recent newsgroup notes
saying how the program works. Actually - Deja Vu (searching newsgroup
notes) or AltaVista (newsgroups option) may have responses.

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