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> Rick asks:
> >> [Host's Note: How are these facilities available to everyman on the net?
> >> Rules and Folders are available in Eudora Pro. Other email packages? But,
> >> I don't know where to find threaded messages, except where it is specially
> >> provided, for example in the Learning-org web pages, in a Notes
> >> discussion database, etc. ...Rick]

I use a program called Pegasus for my email requirements. The program
allows me to organize the mail into any number of topics, threads to names
groups I choose to establish. For picture work, I use a piece of software
called Mindman which allows me to build mindmaps on screen. The completed
maps can be sent as HTML files or stored as PCX files for transfer.

Pegasus is free. Mindman is shareware. To learn more, go to Use the search engine to find Pegasus. Then
repeat the procedure to fine Mindman. One word of caution, try to find
the version 2.5 of Pegasus. It is the easies to install and the most

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