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Sat, 28 Dec 1996 01:42:06 -0500

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Rol Fessenden recently wrote:

>Winfried asks how we can keep from forgetting the lessons we have gained
>in the course of our reflections or experiences. this is a very critical
>question. A related one is how do we identify the most timeless lessons
>that we would most benefit from remembering?

>Any thoughts? I suspect there are no easy or universal answers.

>From my perspective, there is no foolproof way to keep me from forgetting
what I have learned or experienced. My life, and the life of my wife
would be so much better if I always remembered.

Bob Garmston said, "People do not learn from experience. They learn from
reflecting upon experience."

I think reflection is a strategy that brings leverage to our efforts to
get better. (Or is it a trim tab?)

David Wilkinson
School Improvement Specialist
Des Moines Public Schools



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