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J.C. Lelie (janlelie@pi.net)
Sun, 29 Dec 1996 00:14:59 -0800

Replying to LO11577 --

Rol asked:

> Winfried asks how we can keep from forgetting the lessons we have gained
> in the course of our reflections or experiences. this is a very critical
> question. A related one is how do we identify the most timeless lessons
> that we would most benefit from remembering?
> Any thoughts? I suspect there are no easy or universal answers.

I'm sorry, but i have an easy answer: you don't, at least, i don't (i
always say i have a pretty bad memory, this forces me to reinvent reality
continuously). If i did forget a lesson: it was either unimportant or not
fully understood, so i'll relearn. If i do remember: all the better, but
be aware: being critical also means evaluating your past lessons.

As i'm typing, i get the feeling that the blockade may be a feeling of
discomfort in making errors, feeling stupid. I was taught, it didn't come
naturally, that in order to to achieve, you must be willing to fail.
Feeling stupid is part of it, and how i hate feeling stupid.



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