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Walter Derzko (
Mon, 23 Dec 1996 00:09:59 -0500

I've been given approval to teach an advanced "applications" course in
Thinking skills / Creativity, at Conestoga College. The course starts in
January 1997.

Some of the topics that I want to cover in the second half of the course

-Re-engineering ( focus on some school-related process or improving some
common kitchen gadget)

-Resolving conflicts and disputes using lateral thinking.

-Spotting and creating business opportunities

-Conducting an Innovation Audit/Inventory by telephone with a local
business/manufacturer (term project)

-Exploring Organizational barriers to Creativity/Innovation

The first half will focus on teaching and applying thinking skills.

I'm looking for more application ideas, keeping in mind that students have
3 hours in class per week for 16 weeks and very little extra time.
Students should be able to cover a topic area in the 3 hour period as well
as hand in an individual or group assignment at the end of each class.

What else are organizations applying creative thinking too ?

Season's Greetings

Walter Derzko

(N.B. Please reply by 27/12/96 since I'm out of the country from
29/12/96 to the 14/1/97)


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