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Mon, 23 Dec 1996 00:12:57 +0100

Hello to everybody interested in Organisational Learning,

let me introduce myself and tell my reasons for joining this discussion

I was born on 23.12.1957 in a little town in the most southern country
"Carinthia" of Austria, a small state in the heart of Europe. I spent
there the first 19 years of my life. Having decided to study Computer
Science I moved to Linz, the capital town of Upper Austria, one the
countries in the north of Austria.

During my studies I worked (and I'm still working) at a big steel
producing company here in Linz. The first seven years I was employed as a
systems programmer responsible for capacity planning, performance
management, tuning and accounting of mainframe computers. Getting bored
always working with computers only I was offered to join a project where a
company-wide Information System Study should take place. I did this job
with enthusiasmn for three years. Afterwards I joined our first pilot
project we undertook with aid of a CASE tool.

My next job was to serve as a project and metrics promoter in a project
which was funded by the European Community (ESSI Project No.10024). It was
this project where I first got in touch with organisational learning
concepts. I "used" them in order to get the project team to buy-in the new
technology (object-oriented software development) and the way they are
doing their development work (project planning, documenting their efforts
and using metrics accordingly).

In the meantime I'm doing lectures in Information Management at the
university using open learning concepts in order to get the students not
only to learn the basics but also to know how to use their knowledge in
practice. I'm also a member of the "Competence Center for Business Process
Management", a forum where practicioners and scientist come together
discussing in workgroups concepts which should help them to introduce
change in organisation. One of these workgroups (which I'm the coordinator
of) concentrates their work on Organisational Learning. Last year we
worked out a problem-solution-list, which should help people in the
industry to identify probable problem areas in change processes and to
have solution possibilities at hand. This list is now reviewed and we are
getting more and more in depth.

And that's why I subscribed this discussion list: to share experiences
with people who are interested in OL-concepts as we are. I'm looking
forward to hear from you.

Merry Christmas to all of you


Angelika, Rudolf & Thomas Mittelmann
in der Ruine
Im Tal 9
A-4040 Linz/Austria

-- (art Mittelmann)

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