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In my heart I want to agree that "... Communication across social
boudaries are a reality of ur time... or at least we want them to be!..."

In my mind, I believe that what you say is a sort of natural order of
things, in harmony with one another and so ought to be so. I think
however, we must be temporarily satisfied with the fact that some
organizatiions are becoming better at meeting requirements, and therefore
preferred suppliers, by optimizing the larger system vs. playing customer,
business and/or employees against one another.

On the other hand, be these customer preferences altruistically motivated,
or simply unconscious choices of what folks prefer, either way it raises
the bar toward setting a standard of harmony in the marketplace.

Joyous holidays, All ..

Mike Townes

Durval Muniz de Castro wrote:
> I have the impression that assigning priority to one stakeholder in
> detriment of another reflects a communication strategy of addressing the
> group with power to make a certain decision.
> Thus, when a communication starts saying that the purpose of business is
> profit, it is addressing the investors.
> When a communication departs from the idea that the purpose of business is
> to create jobs, it addresses primarily the employees.
> When the fundamental business principle is defined as product quality, the
> communication is addressing the market.
> Of course, in the reasoning sequence, all the purposes may be related,
> showing that it is necessary to meet all of them to keep the business
> alive. This message means that each stakeholder must share results with
> the others and not want everything for himself.
> The fact that stakeholders must think globally and not provincially is a
> sign of our times. Communication across social boudaries are a reality of
> our time... or at least we want them to be!

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