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Amen to Gary Scherling, who wrote:

"You have to start with the individuals. Both in the management and the
employee ranks. You have to build some awareness of the potentials they
have to get the right information, to function effectively creatively and
innovatively. And make decisions."

I heard James Champy, the reengineering guy, speak early last year, and
one thing he said has really stuck with me. If you rethink the nature of
work, you will come to a rethinking of the nature of control. Intelligent
people, ARMED WITH GOOD INFORMATION (his emphasis), will care about their
jobs and make the right decisions. Those decisions may not be identical to
the ones their boss might make, but, he asked, if quality people have
quality information, how could they not make a good decision? And, they
will be far more likely to follow through on the decisions that are their

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