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Rol Fessenden (76234.3636@CompuServe.COM)
18 Dec 96 23:46:26 EST

Replying to LO11493 --

I think Barry was saying there is an inherent resistance to change that
comes from, in part, the complexity of our environment, and an inability
to understand in advance all of the implications. There may be other
reasons as well.

If people really think about the changes being contemplated, they will
begin to wonder where their own particular job will go. This is daunting
at the very least.

As a minimum, everyone already has a full time job without stopping to
contemplate changes that will take additional time, and even more time to
implement and learn. All that in addition to the full time job. I think
he is right. As a consequence, organizations, to encourage change, must
be especially open to discussion of different ways of doing things. Very
easy to squelch good stuff. Remember Scott's recent comments about arrows
in the back? The most worrisome are the arrows of neglect.


Rol Fessenden
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