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Wed, 11 Dec 1996 11:38:32 -0500

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Vigdor says that government has "thrown away" money on IT, and he would
like to use that money for a "democratic " process and product. I have a
specific opportunity to promote this idea, which I just started thinking
about today. How could LO ideas be used to take advantage of the
following situation?

My company has volunteered to facilitate a new committee on IT. The
committee is sponsored by a prominent association of defense companies.
Some policy people from DoD and the government-wide CIO office will join,
and the initial meeting occurs soon. All we have said so far is that "the
purpose is to conduct dialogue on how industry and DoD can improve
performance through IT and communication." The process will be a
feeling-out using meetingware. What I'm interested in is ideas on actions
that the group could take. Most of these companies want the money to keep
flowing, of course, but they are unhappy that so much is wasted. There's
always a new shared scheme being proposed to replace the last shared
scheme (one that might have been worked on for many years without any
implementation). Is there any way to stop that? Is there any way to get
something done and to improve, rather than get bogged down in rework? And
how can this committee help bring it about? And can DoD IT "investment"
benefit anybody else? There are no answer to such questions, but fresh
thinking is possible.

Kent Myers
Alexandria, VA


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