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Walter G. Prevalnig (104337.2101@CompuServe.COM)
11 Dec 96 11:25:35 EST

Replying to LO11337 --

Rol writes......"Internet and TV are totally different media for learning.
They are not linear. They do not require hours of poring over books
looking for particular pieces of information. Sound bites work on TV, and
in fact, they work somewhat well on the Internet . As Ben points out, you
can learn EVERYTHING there is to know--or less if you choose--in a very
short period of time."

I missed the original message therefor I may be reading this out of
context but I believe that I need to learn some more here.

I have difficulty with " you can learn EVERYTHING there is to know---in a
very short period of time". I consider my lifetime as a short period of
time and my experience to date has been that I have learned some things. I
would choose to learn everything that there is to know, but as I learn
more I realize that I know much which is not so . As I learn more about
the previously unknown (to me at least) , I realize how truly ignorant I
am. The unknown is vast. What remains for me to know is infinite. And then
there is the unknowable. The cosmos is a large place.

My quandary may arise from the choice of words used in the thread. IMO it
is not a given that reading information translates into knowing. Perhaps
at some point I can read all the information about something , but to
learn everything that there is to know???

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