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Replying to LO11355 --

>Could you explain how this might be different than that same child (or one
>from an earlier era) going to the library, finding the books, etc, or
>obtaining a video on cobras?
>Gutenberg made the first mass medium possible. That was a quantum leap in
>how information could be disseminated, and accessibility. Since we
>already have other mass media, how is this particular technology different
>in some qualitative sense? In my opinion a "revolution" requires a bit
>more than simply making the same thing available in a different format.

While I also am skeptical of the 'Net as a revolution, I think it offers
some things that libraries, newspapers, or other 'analog' information
services do not. The 'Net reduces access barriers - especially time,
geography, and language- to information. The 'Net is - or can be - more
timely; books are becoming obsolete as they come off the press - at least
in terms of information. Connectivity is enhanced; the 7 year old was able
to access a variety of media and author his/her own story of cobras.
Connectivity is also enhanced when chat and e-mail - which is most of the
traffic on hte 'Net and (especially) AOL - are considered; not only can we
access information but we can talk about it. The 'Net - for now - is
unfiltered and raw; the kids can draw their own conclusions and write
their own stories from a variety of sources. Finally, replication: the
ability of several people to simultaneuously access the same information
and not waiting for others to return the 'book'

As for LO's and TQM, the thread here, the 'Net can help both by improving
asynchronous communication; communication not dependent on the ability to
get everybody in a room at the same time or read the memo in a timely
manner. These are problems in healthcare, where we cannot stop the work to
have a meeting or attend a seminar. Often we rely on the Noah's ark
strategy - get two of everybody on the team and hope one of them can make
the meetings. We also have a problem with the 'book' - the medical
record- often not available because are using it.

The 'Net - by facilitating communication and access to information - can
improve the ability of a LO to function.

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